How Are You Promoting Your Blog Out in the REAL World

We all know that Blogging can bring you business. That’s one of the reasons we do what we do. It does take some time before you really begin to see results, but then what doesn’t? When you breakdown all the benefits of Blogging, there are quite a few valuable and justified reasons to do it. But, are we missing a very important ingredient for our “Blogs” and their success? Take a second to look at just a few of the many benefits of blogging:


  • Social networking to create and build relationships and to grow your referral business.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) so Google, Yahoo and other “Search” engines place your Blog on the top of the list! Getting to the first page, or being #1 is the ultimate goal.
  • Promoting and advertising yourself, your business, your services and your products to the end user, the consumer, community or other targeted audiences.
  • Resources and Credibility. 50,000 resources here on Active Rain. Your Blog is what builds your credibility to viewers and other Bloggers. Your content, your knowledge and let’s not forget, your personality. The comments from others on your Blog are very powerful. They might even establish you more credibility than your post. (just my opinion)
  • It’s FREE! Websites cost money and take time to maintain and update, not to mention the time it takes to learn the whole “HTML” thing. Your Blog will pass up your website on the search engines eventually. Your Blog is updated with fresh content more often than your website, and people don’t comment on your website. Blogging just might be the least cost, most effective and powerful marketing tool there is for your business.

 There are lots of reasons that many of us Blog, but here’s the most important question at the end of the day… is it working and getting you business? This idea hit me yesterday when I was handed a business card, and it had the Agents “Blog” URL listed just below their email address. This is the first Business Card I have ever seen with a “Blog” URL on the card. Is your Blog on your Business Card?

Do you promote your Blog to your community? How about to your existing clients so they can refer others? Is your Blog on all your Flyer’s, open house postcards, even on your sign riders? Do you have links scattered all over the Internet with other community supported websites and Blogs?

We rely on Google to do their part in getting us recognition and placement on the web, but are we doing our part “In the REAL WORLD? Are we doing all we can to market our Blogs? How do we generate more business and success? There are so many who don’t even know our Blogs exist! I suggest at least having it on your email signatures if you use Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo email.

Right now, many other Bloggers read your Blog, but is the audience your after reading your posts? Are you waiting for them to find you based on the proper Google keyword search? Make sure that the “REAL World” knows your Blog exists. Just like your website, and your designations, you need to promote it every opportunity you get. The outside world needs to know about your Blog! Just another thought provoking post that I hope inspires you to look beyond our internal Cyber community, and find ways to get “Your Blog into the outside, REAL World!”

Where is your Blog today? Where should it be and how are you going to get it there?

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