How Dare You Compare

Do you like to compare? Are you the person that looks for better prices on the lower shelves at the store?  If you’re like me and are always comparing this to that or these to those, then you’ll love this site.  It’s called Sperlings Bestplaces and they compare a few pretty interesting things.  I just stumbled across this as I was looking to compare some specific City information and data for a friend.

Some of these comparisons are really very interesting. This may provide you with some additional information you’ll want to know about or at least be armed with for your local and surrounding areas.  Sharing information like this with others is always so powerful, but remember that comparing apples to apples is just as important, and is the key to making an educated observation and logical conclusion.

The first comparison that caught my eye was the “Cost of Living” comparison.  Go ahead, check it out, I’ll wait here. lol~  See, I told you it was interesting?!  Then I couldn’t resist clicking on the “Compare Crime Rates” c’mon, who could resist looking at a few comparisons there?  Next I spotted the “Compare Climates,” now I’m thinking OK, maybe this site’s a keeper.

Looks like they compare every City of every State but I didn’t check them all, I’ll let ya’ll do that. 🙂

Comparing the Schools was fun and is sure to get a few alumni battles going, but I also think you’ll like the “Comparing Cities” this was the comparison that actually inspired me to write the post.  It’s crazy, the information age is more than just upon us folks, it’s more abundant than ever.  It’s almost smothering us (for lack of a better word) and the ease of access just keeps getting easier.

Now if you’re ready to really get sucked in, check out Bert Sperling’s Studies.  Just scroll through the titles there and I guaranty you’ll end up clicking on one of them and reading it.  Just make sure you come back here so I can say I told you so.  lol~  Seems like a legit site with some useful information and data, so I’ll give em 5 stars. 

Want another great site that has some cool real estate, community, neighborhood data and information?

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