How Old Is Your Computer? …"In Computer years"

Is it time for a new computer? Are you sure? When did you buy your current computer, or when was the last time you did any upgrades? Do you constantly find yourself waiting on the computer instead of it waiting on you?
Have you calculated (like dog years) how old your computer really is? (5 years to 1)
These are the questions I found myself asking, as I was patronizing the computer department at a local Best Buy store. Once I took a good look at some of the systems that are now available, I was no longer there to just get milk and eggs. (ha ha) But, there are so many choices and decisions that need to be made (I thought), when buying a new computer. Things like Network Capabilities, Speed and Memory, Gigabytes and Kilobytes etc. Just the thought of trying to understand 1/4 of the technobabble these days, could really make someone nauseous and cause them (like me) to procrastinate! Really, you just need to be honest with yourself, and decide what you'll need your computer to do. The AR network is here to help you too!

Broken ComputerA new computer is somewhat like a new car, It smells good, it's faster than the old one, the paint and appearance is much better, it's clean, no scratches, doesn't leak, and makes you proud, as it gets you to where you are going. Alot of similarities between a new car and and new computer. However, just like a car, we don't need to understand all the mechanics of it, we just want it to do, what it was meant to do. The technology in a new car has definitely changed over 20 years! I'd have to say the same for a new computer. Old Mac Donald

If it has been 2-3 years or more since your last purchase, I'd say it's time to go to your local computer store (or on-line), and really see what has changed in the past few years with technology and software. Are you running applications like I was, that for example, were created for Windows 98? Or maybe, you have software like I do that is up to 6.0, and you thought you were running the best, only to find that the developer's have changed hands, and they're now up to version 12.0? You will be SHOCKED at what's on the market right now. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (OLD MAC DONALD)
All that to say this, I broke down and bought a new computer after 5 years of living with mediocrity. I am really loving this new computer. It's so fast! I just picked up the HP m7760n, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, with 500GB HD, 2GB RAM, the new Intel Viiv Technology, Lightscribe CD/DVD burner, the Accelerator 950 gra(OLphics card, and Windows Vista. (and I haven't even opened the trunk on this baby yet)                          

brads fast red car
This new computer screams! It was half the price for what I paid for my old system over 5 years ago.  It's nice to have a computer that once again, waits on me instead of the other way around. What more could a blogger ask for? The new computers now days, have so much more "NEW" technology, power, speed, capabilities, and are much easier to use. (referring to new software too) I'm glad I didn't just upgrade, I'm glad I bought brand new! Some words of advice if you do buy a new car…I mean a new computer…Better fasten your seatbelt, hang-on, cause you're going for a ride! Go buy one today, life is too short, technology is too fast, just do it, you deserve it!

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