How To Add Chapters To Video

There’s only one site that allows you to add Chapters to your longer videos, it’s the video below)  Any video longer than 60 seconds loses it’s potential for the content to be viewed by 100% of the viewers 100% of the time.  If your video is longer than consumer expectation, a nice alternative option is to offer the ability to search and view based on the topics and chapters.

WellcomeMat has some awesome features including this one, but diving into their analytics on the back end is yet another powerful feature that’s not to be over-looked.  Real estate video is now a critical component of marketing, advertizing, and providing local information and delivering great content to local audiences.

WellcomeMat’s user interface brings everything together into an easy to use yet powerful video hosting site.



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  1. Thanks for the shout out Brad! Chaptering was one of the first things we built into the WellcomeMat platform — we have always felt that real estate video would be completely dysfunctional without it. Once we had the tool, a whole new world presented itself to us: it hit us like a brick that video chapters would play a critical role in the future of video search. To showcase some of what is possible, we built the following site:

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