The War in Iraq Is Finally Over Today

President Obama sent out an email letting the Country know that the War in Iraq is finally over.

My personal opinion is that this “2011” will now be one of the greatest and most remembered Holidays of all time.  Special thanks to all those and their families who sacrificed their time and lives for America, and a toast to all of those getting to come home and be with their families once again.

I only wish John Lennon were alive today to honor this special occasion, and to celebrate the dream becoming a reality as told in his song “War Is Over!”

To every human that walks our earth today, be joyful, celebrate, live life, and enjoy Happy Holidays~

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  1. Hi Brad,
    I’m very eager about getting my Real Estate business off and running.
    Going though your trainings, I saw where you got an email or from Barack.
    Is that the President Barack Obama?
    Are you really in contact with Mr. Obama and how did that happen?
    If you don’t mind, please let me know how I can communicate with people the world knows too.

    Your Fan have a peaceful day!
    Wanda Venson

    PS My website may not be up yet.

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