How To Avoid Facebook Spam in Your Email

Ever feel like a fish in the water that just got hooked? If you’re biting, read on….

Face it, if you’re on Facebook, you’re getting email notifications constantly by those leaving comments or tagging you in videos and photos etc.  If you “” a comment by another member or friend on Facebook, you’re likely to get an email notification every time someone else comments on their post too.  Pretty soon you get really good at reading or just deleting these notifications.  Sometimes you click the link to go on through to Facebook and see the alert, other times you probably just delete the less important notifications.

Facebook spammers are getting really savvy at using the site and information to SPAM you in a very tricky and devious way.  Here’s one I received today that got me hook, line, and sinker.  I wanted to share this tid-bit of information so that you may prevent this from happening to you.  It is effective, it always works, and it could save you getting spammed or even prevent a virus from ending up on your computer.

This is the email I received as a notification from Facebook.

Looks pretty legit to me, and it’s from Facebook right?  In fact I really didn’t think about it twice. WRONG!

It Is Spam!  Very SMART SPAM!
Every link in the above email went to, an advertising site!

See, they used a simple comment, plus a look and feel from a brand that I’m familiar with.  Looks like something I’m used to seeing from Facebook?!  That got me to drop my guard, (which I did) and then I clicked on their link to see Sara’s comment on this so-called photo.  (a photo I have no clue about so of course I’d click on it.)  Wouldn’t you too?  C’mon, you know you would.  lol~  They got me, I GOT SPAMMED!


When you get email from ANYONE that includes links to another site or page on the web, ALWAYS hover your mouse over the link without clicking on it first, the REAL website or URL link will appear in the lower left hand corner of your Internet Browser.  I normally always do this but I was caught off guard today with this unsuspecting Facebook email.  They used FACEBOOK and the brand to sucker me in.

Watch out for these ever-so-clever spammers who are constantly finding new and improved ways of getting into our emails, our accounts, and our computer systems.  Fight Back on Spam, use the MHM Method (Mouse Hover Method) before you click on ANY links in your emails.

Here’s a sample to test: I’ll create a link as they did in the email above, but the message that pops up and the URL that appears when you hover will demonstrate exactly how spammers are doing this.  Try it: Hover your mouse over this link: Be sure to look in the lower left corner of your browser as your mouse hovers.  See there?  (Don’t go getting any ideas now, this post is to help prevent spammers, not create more of them…haha)  This will work with any email, not just Facebook’s.  It also works on web-page links and blog sites too.

This is the best way to prevent you from clicking on a spam link and feeling like a fish that just got hooked!

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