How To Blog Real Estate Listings

Are you posting your clients listings on a Blog or Website?

How are you keeping it updated and current?  What happens to that post when the home is sold?  Does your post still show up in the SERPS? (Search Engine Results Page)  If so, how useful is that post to a consumer or potential prospect and client?  Thousands of properties are marketed on websites and blogs every day, but are agents maximizing the potential of these “Homes For Sale” articles and Listing posts?

There was a time way back when that I believed creating a single property blog post or page for a listing on your website was a great idea.  Today, I have a different opinion about how to “BLOG” about listings and your clients properties.  Take just a moment to ponder this concept…

To give a blog post some shelf life, and keep it alive for years to come, agents should blog about the neighborhood and community instead, and then just include the listing as part of their topic and post. This way when the home sells or gets taken off the market, the hyper-local information is still useful to consumers when found during a search, and doesn’t render your post useless just because that home is no longer available.  Also, consider adding an IDX link or plugin to search for homes, or a Real Estate Widget that continues to bring value to that article.

This technique is working great for many hyper-local real estate bloggers. Providing blog posts with a longer shelf life has been proven to bring much greater value to both the reader and the author. Consider the possibilities of creating neighborhood and community posts over just listing posts.  If you’re hesitant,  just read what some other agents all across the country are saying about this idea.

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