Get Internet Access Via Your Mobile

Have you ever wanted or needed access to the Internet from your laptop but were unable to get or find WiFi?  If you have a cell phone mobile device, this may be the answer to all your future challenges.  How about using your cell phone as a modem or in this case, as a “tethering” device and network to access the Internet? is the solution. 

“Tether is an application that allows you to have full Internet access on your laptop anywhere using your smartphone’s data plan. No more WiFi hotspots, extra data plans or costly Air Cards!”

Tether currently works on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android mobile devices and could save you hundreds of dollars using WiFi cards and USB plugin modems, and at the same time give you seamless easy access to the web anywhere your cell phone has a signal and reception.  It’s definitely worth looking into.

Special thanks and shout out to my friend Jeff Turner for making the discovery and sharing it on Facebook today.

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