How To Brand Yourself an Expert & Build a Six-Figure Real Estate Business

How To Brand Yourself an Expert and Build a Six-Figure Real Estate Business

It’s not very often that I get to Host an event with a TV Celebrity Star, in fact I can honestly say that I never have.  So if you sense a bit of excitement from me in this post, or a tad of elation here, well then Gosh Darn-it, it’s because I am TOTALLY STOKED about sharing this announcement!!  I’m truly honored to share a very special guest we have coming to ActiveRain and ARU this week.  Now I must admit right out the gate, I have watched the program in the past, but was never really a fan until these last couple of seasons where I actually knew some of the people who were on the show or interviewing and auditioning to “Get Hired!”

This Thursday I am so excited to announce that we have Kendra Todd coming to ARU. The Winner of NBC’s hit series “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump as the host, who has pretty much coined the phrase, “YOU’RE FIRED!“  Well not for Kendra, she was all but fired, she was announced the WINNER of the entire show and the first female to ever do it!  What better person than Kendra to come talk, teach, and share How to brand yourself and expert and build a six-figure Real Estate Business?

I had the pleasure of meeting Kendra in person as one of our guests at RainCamp Bellingham, WA.  She’s a very intelligent and classy lady who really knows her stuff.  Folks, you need to be at this one for sure, if for no other reason than to find out how this lady’s clock ticks.  The Real Estate Business can be somewhat brutal at times, so what does it take to be a “WINNER” while surrounded with pressure and stress?  Can you imagine having to sit in front of Donald Trump and be subject to his demeanor and ridicule?  If anyone can survive that, no wait…WIN that, then there is NOTHING you can’t accomplish in this business and in life.

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Do You Have What It Takes?  Do You Want To Learn What It Takes?  This is a one-time offer that you better set aside some time for, it’s not everyday we have a TV Celebrity in our midst at ActiveRain University.  I can hardly wait to hear what she’s going to be sharing with us, no matter what, I guarantee it will be awesome.  This one will be a full class so RSVP early if you want to ensure your FREE “virtual” seat at ARU’s campus. 

Kendra, we welcome you and Thank You for taking the time to join us this week!  🙂

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