How To Create a Google+ Business Page

Google+ profiles are now open and free to anyone.  When Google launched their Google+ Plus platform, they asked folks to hold off creating business pages on their personal profile site and for good reason.  This week Google announced that you can now setup your Google Plus Business Pages.

One major thing to consider when creating your Google Business Pages, remember that it’s not Businesses that make people happy, it’s people that do.  Many behind the scenes marketers and advertisers forget to add “the people” touch when creating a good Business page, website, or Blog.

Here’s a sample of the my first Google Plus Business Product page, I’d love a plus+1 if you decide to stop by.

Create Your Business Page in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Click on the “Create Your Google+ Page” above

2. Select the “Category” or “type of Page” to create

a. add a tagline (10 words or less)
b. add an image or photo to represent

3. Spread the word about your work on Google+

Don’t panic when Google+ appears to have taken over your profile page, this will not be the case but your first response and reaction will be that you’ve replaced your personal profile on Google+.  Just go back to your email inbox folder and you’ll be able to access both your New Business Page and your Personal profile from there.

Now you’re ready to start promoting your new page, creating custom circles, adding photo and images and videos etc.  You’ll have your page getting noticed and getting “pluses” before you know it.  Feel free to leave me a link so I can visit your page and Google+ you too! Good luck and enjoy.

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