How To Create HyperLinks to Anchor Text

How To Create HyperLinks to Anchor Text

Many of our Members and Bloggers have heard, read, or been told that it’s not good to include links in your Blog posts to other sites.  Nonsense!  In this post, I’ll share my difference of opinion, then show you how to do it.  Creating Hyperlinks to Anchor text can be very powerful and beneficial to your Blog for multiple reasons. Useful and informative links bring more value to your readers and targeted audience, they increase your SEO, and they drive traffic back to your blog from those who you are linking to.

According to many experts, creating anchor text boosts your search engine rankings and can make all the difference in the world to your Blog. “It tells search engines what the page is about.  Used wisely, it boosts your rankings in search engines.

What is Anchor Text? Anchor text is the hyperlinked word(s) or phrases on your blog or website page – the words that you can click on to be taken to another site, Blog, or web page.

What is a Hyperlink? A Hyperlink is the underlined word which is commonly referred to as embedded text or an embedded link.  It’s usually a blue underlined word that turns purple once it’s been clicked on.  When you hover your mouse over a Hyperlink on a page, the arrow of the mouse will turn into a hand, and the URL or web address of that Anchor Text Hyper Link will appear in the lower left hand corner of your browser.

Hover your mouse over this Anchor Text Hyperlink but don’t click on it, you’ll see the Web address displayed at the Bottom of your Browser.  If you click on the Anchor Text Hyperlink, you’ll end up right back here at this post.  Why?  Because that’s how I’ve setup the hyperlink for that Anchor Text phrase.

How do you create hyperlinks and what is considered good Anchor Text? Here’s a couple tips:  Words like CLICK HERE, and READ MORE are not the suggested anchor text to use on your Blog posts.  They carry less value, and even moreso, they’re less likely to get clicked on.  Also creating URL Anchor text IE: is less valued than using keyword(s) Anchor Text like “ActiveBrad’s ActiveRain Blog”  If you want to see what other members have written about this Anchor Text topic, check out ActiveRain Anchor Text Blogs.

Now it’s your turn!

Creating a hyperlink to Anchor Text is really easy.

1. Type the keywords or phrase (Anchor Text) you want to use as the hyperlink within your Blog post.

2. Highlight the word(s) or phrase with your mouse so that it’s
(only highlight and select the keywords or anchor text you want to use for your link)

3. Click on the “chain link icon” located in the toolbar at the top of your Blog Entry
(if there is no chain link, then you are most likely on the HTML tab)

4. Once the “Insert/Edit Link” box pops up, type in the URL or web address that you want to link to:
Example: and be sure to add your “Keyword” or “Phrase” as the Title

The default on ActiveRain is to open a new window when your hyperlink is clicked on. You can change that option by clicking on the black arrow located at the end of the “Target” box.  I suggest having it always open in a new window so that your Blog post stays open, and your readers can come back to your post.  If you want the linked site to replace your Blog post page, then select “Open In Same Window.”

5. Now click on the “Insert” button and your Anchor Text will be Hyperlinked to whatever URL or Web address you’ve entered.  If you hover your mouse over the new link, this is where you’ll see the “Title” you created pop up over the hyperlink.

This should help get you started creating Hyperlinks to Anchor Text and key phrases, and understand why it’s important that you do this on your Blog posts.  Don’t get carried away with these though, if not used wisely, too many hyperlinks to anchor text can do more harm than good. The recommended amount of Hyperlink Anchor Text ranges depending who you talk to, I suggest no more than 3 or 4 per Blog post.  So what type of links are you thinking about now?  Maybe Local Schools?  MLS or IDX sites?  Chambers, Restaurants, Local Businesses etc.?

Just for fun, here’s an Anchor Text that’s sure to get clicked: DON’T CLICK HERE! :-O


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