How To Get 20 Million Video Views

How do you get 20,000,000 views on your Youtube video?

Here’s 5 tips I learned from my Youtube viral video experience:
1. Find something unique and fascinating and shoot it.
2. Keep the video short (30 seconds max)
3. Don’t over edit or produce
4. Controversial is not always a negative of bad thing
5. What’s in the title? Everything, Call it what it is.

Getting 20,000,000 million views proves to me that these 5 tips really will work.
Finding unique video opportunities isn’t always easy, but the world has a lot to offer.

5 Tips to ALWAYS consider if you want video to go viral:
Always be ready
Always have a video camera on hand
Always look for those unique opportunities
Always use Youtube for viral video exposure
Always be prepared for the unexpected

Yes, and luck does have a little to do with being in the right place at the right time.


Best Tip of the Day:
Be sure you become a Youtube partner so you can start collecting checks. Google pays if you allow advertisers to add those little ads at the bottom of your Youtube videos. When you’re getting millions of video views, you could also be making thousands of dollars. Here’s a couple checks we received around this time last year.

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