Google Apps Changing the Education World

“The Real World enters…”

Google apps can and are making a huge difference in the world. In the way we communicate, connect, collaborate, and converse with each other and in every language across every Country.

The cost of attending Harvard, Stanford, or MIT etc. can be extremely expensive and can also pose a real financial burden on many of today’s family’s, especially in the current economy.

So when will Google launch a Google University? They already have!

How much of the online education world will now be implemented to the offline campus and at what point will everything in the world just be available online?  Some will argue that we are already there, but until you can step into your computer monitor virtually, we are not there.  Or are we? I bet Google is probably working on it right now while you’re reading or watching this…..


Next thing you know, there’ll be Googlism and even a “Church of Google” too. :-O

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