How To Use Interactive Google Maps Using Google Base Data

AR University Presents – How To Use Interactive Google Maps & Embed Them Using Google Base

This “advanced” sample above was created using Google’s API feature with Flash, Maps and Videos,
Load then Click on any of the seven circles in the playback bar to jump to that location and video.

This Wednesday, April 14th at 4:00pm PDT (7:00pm EST) ActiveRain University invites you to come by and learn “How and Why” you need to know more about Google Base, and the importance of using interactive and embedded maps into your Blog posts. This is not just for Real Estate Agents with property listings, there are multiple ways you can be using these tools to bring greater value, traffic, and SEO to your Blogs and content.

Homes For Sale in US and Canada

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Create Your Own Custom Home Search

We will be sharing and showing you how to:
* Create and Customize Your Maps
* Selecting Specific Neighborhoods
* Embed and Resize Your Custom Maps
* Add Custom Icons and Create Legends
* Create Outlined Communities and Areas
* Use the Markers and Mapping Tools
* Save all Your Maps for Easy Future Access
* Add Your Listings to Google Base and Maps
* Promote Your Business on Google Maps

Check out our new ARU Chat Room too, you’ll find more than just chatter there, you’ll find valuable conversations, links, and answers to many of the questions that come up during our variety of classes and trainings.


Maps were initially created and invented to keep people from getting lost and to help them find their way to desired locations and destinations. I hope you’ll visit ActiveRain University regularly with that same concept in mind. We hope you’ll take this one hour to join us so you won’t get lost or left behind when it comes to using “Google Maps and Tools” efficiently and effectively. 🙂


Here’s a sample search widget by Realbird using Google Base Technology, try it out!

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