How to Use Video and Youtube to Enhance Your Blog and Business

ActiveRain University – How to Use Video and Youtube to Enhance Your Blog and Business

How are you using Video in Real Estate and on your ActiveRain Blog?
Are you creating or using Video Listings, Virtual Property and Community tours?  Does your video show up on Google Earth? Can your videos make you money?  Want to generate more traffic to your videos and visitors to your Blog?  This week at ARU, we are going to be sharing some things about video and Youtube that will be very beneficial to your Video library on Youtube and your Blog on ActiveRain.

Here’s a few videos I had fun creating, Can you guess which one had over 2.2 million views?
(It probably won’t be the one you think…)

Video Is important to your Real Estate Business
We’re going to show you some Youtube video secrets and tips and how to use some of the tools that are available.  Youtube just changed their format and the look and feel of their site.  They’ve added a few things and moved some stuff around.  These are just some of the ways you can now optimize your video and channel, and we’ll show you how.

7 Tips You’ll Need To Know and Use

  •   Creating Outstanding and Unique Content
  •   Optimizing Your Youtube Channel and Profile

  •   Using Keywords Cleverly In the right places
  •   Adding URLS and Proper Hyperlinks 
  •   Linking and Embedding Videos Everywhere
  •   Video Sharing and Youtube Settings
  •   Ping Your Youtube Channel
  •   Do’s and Don’ts of Embedding Video
  •   Getting Beyond The 10 Minute Video Limitation
  •   Getting More Visibility, Traffic, and Views

Learn useful techniques on how to use Youtube, one of the Top 3 most searched sites in the world.  Grow and promote your Blogs, Websites, and Local Business using video strategies that have worked successfully for others and have resulted in increased traffic, customers, and paychecks. 

Embedding video into your Blogs and sites is just one small key ingredient to using video and Youtube.  You don’t need to be an expert at this stuff, but you should know what things work and which ones won’t.  Come join us for a FREE “power-hour” of creating and using Video and Youtube for your Business, this will be one of our best video training and support classes at ARU.

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