I thought I’d Seen It All…

As I was driving home this evening, I couldn’t help notice all the “For Sale” signs along one of the residential back roads I travel.  As I started really looking closely,  I noticed a sign about every 5 – 10 houses.  I started wondering what was going on in this neighborhood?  You know the kinds of things your brain starts coming up with right?

The next thing I realize is that many of these homes are vacant. Not because they had all gone to work, they had all moved out.  To my surprise, almost all the homes for sale on that street (about 20) were completely vacated.  It was kinds of an eerie feeling for such an upscale neighborhood.  When I realized how many different companies had listings on the same street, I was a bit amazed!   This was something I had never seen before.  Usually it’s 20 “For Sale” signs, with THE SAME name on it.  I kinda had to laugh.  Then I saw this:

Now what the heck is that? The home is vacant or at least it appears to be, and there are two “For Sale” signs from two different companies and Agents.  Is it that bad out there?  Would someone come along and plant their sign in front of a vacant property for sale?  Maybe try and confuse some consumer like me into flipping a coin and calling one of them?  How would I know who really has this home “for sale?”  I mean really, what are the odds that I might call the right one or the wrong one?  50/50 right?  Hmmmm….  Are you thinking what I’m thinking???  If so, shame on you! 🙂

When I really thought about this, and began creating this post, I thought, “What a Marketing Idea, I mean talk about working every angle!”  But then I had to laugh again!!   Who would do such a thing?  Plus, it must be illegal as you know what!  Honestly though, I’m still not sure what was really the case here, but it certainly made me think…. C’mon, you know people have done crazier things out there.  :-O  Maybe my imagination was just running away with me again.   Oh well, either way, this is definitely one I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE, and I THOUGHT I’D SEEN IT ALL!!

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