Industry Outreach Manager – A New Title, Role and Guy at Zillow

My first week at Zillow is behind me now and I’m starting to feel a bit more settled in.  Thank you to everyone for all the personal cards, calls, emails and comments etc.  I am truly touched by all the support and well wishes I have received this past week.  I’d also like to thank the Zillow Team once again for bringing me on board for this awesome opportunity.  On a side note, I would like to clear up a couple things just for the record.  We all know how easy it is for rumors and false claims to get started out here on the web.

On August 10th my ActiveRain term was fulfilled and my position eliminated.  So now I am with Zillow, it’s a new day, and all is still well with my friends and the staff here at Activerain.  So what more could anyone ask for?  I guess the only thing I can ask is that it be “well” with YOU too?  🙂

Secondly, my ActiveBradZ Blog is here on ActiveRain so I will continue to write and stay here with my Blog.  Please do not say “Good-bye” or “We’ll Miss You Brad” because unless you’re going somewhere, there’s no reason to wave goodbye.  I’m not going anywhere either.  It’s kind of like this:  If you were with ABC Realty and ended up going to XYZ Realtors, should I miss you, or be sad that you moved?  Aren’t you still the same person and wouldn’t you still be around contributing?  I’m sure you get the picture.

Having said that, let me explain this new role “Outreach Manager” and tell you a bit about my career here at  First of all, I know that in “word association” when it comes to the word Zillow, the first thought and word in your mind is probably Zestimates.  Yes, Zestimates is/was one of the first products ever introduced to consumers and the industry by Zillow, but I’m not at Zillow to change what others are already working on diligently to improve, enhance and perfect. 

Though I am here at Zillow to assist you with your concerns and issues, the real value I bring to you now is that I’ll be doing almost exactly what I’ve always done here.  Sharing the things I love and that I am very passionate about.  Providing you with training, information, education, new technologies, plus finding and sharing valuable tools, people, and products. 

My focus and goals have always been to share, support, and help others truly be successful in this business both on-line and off.   Learning about the Internet, Blogging, Social Media etc. and understanding many of the new services, tools, and products out there and how they can directly help grow your business and your bottom line have and always will be my priority and passion.  Nothing has changed!

Outreach Manager – “Reaching Out To Industry”

The first series of support and training classes/sessions will be starting toward the end of this month.  I’m currently putting together all the programs and platforms we’ll need to accomplish the best possible training environments and topics that are in demand.  These support and training courses will NOT be exclusive to one company, product or services either.  I’ll be exposing and supporting a wide variety of unique and exciting tools (Including Zillow’s) that can help you in your business.

There’s so much more coming ahead.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves with me…  If I can’t help you get to where it is you need or want to be with your business and especially your on-line efforts, then I have no business being here on AR and would probably have no “actual” business regardless of my efforts.   These are exciting times you guys and there are new and exciting things happening all around us and all around the world that we may be unaware of presently.. 

Be ready, be open minded, and be willing to grow and accept change!  I am~ Time and Change are the only things that none of us can control, and they’re the only things that are constant and consistent no matter what!

Active Brad haZ left the building, but IS COMING BACK…..

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