Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox – The Mythunderstanding

If you’re in a hurry, just read the bold text, if you got a second, read this entire post.

No I don’t have a lisp and I can spell! It IS a misunderstanding.  These two Internet Browsers are some of the most popular, most used Internet Super-Highway viewers in the world.  I’m not sure the exact number of users, but I can tell you that Google Analytics states this very clearly in their statistical reports.  Too many people do not understand that you can install, run and use both simultaneously.

Internet Explorer seems to have many issues on many sites, as do all the Internet browsers available.  That includes Google Chrome and Flock too.  Each browser has it’s own unique settings that allows you to customize it to your liking.  There are a lot of REALTORS® in this Industry that have to use on-line MLS systems that will only work with IE.  They think they can’t have Firefox too, or any other browsers.  WRONG!

I’m breaking this “Myth” today!

Saying that you can’t have or use both browsers is like saying you can’t own a Jaguar and a Rolls Royce.  The difference is that you can’t drive a Rolls Royce and a Jaguar at the same time.  With Internet Explorer and Firefox, YOU CAN!  Remember that ALL Internet users have different browsers and use them differently.  Make sure if you are providing content via your Websites and Blogs, that your content looks good in both browsers.

A common issue with these browsers is that one will work better than the other on certain sites.  I have personally found that Mozilla Firefox is more forgiving, faster, and stable than Internet Explorer on most the sites I frequently visit.  This includes ActiveRain.  I also like many of the plug-ins that are available for Firefox, and it works great on my MAC.   My suggestion to you is have and use both.

A great number of people are ONLY using Internet Explorer and in many, if not most cases, are missing out on what FireFox and other browsers have to offer.  My Internet Explorer is running right now while I’m posting this article using Firefox.  They can both be open and running simultaneously.  Each is only a click away.  If you were to see this post in either or both browsers, I think you’ll agree that:  1) the myth is broken  2) you should always check your work and content in both browsers.

(I hope this one looks OK in both)

                    Download Newest Version of FireFox          Download Newest Version Internet Explorer       

and then use them both…

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