Internet Marketing Specialist Designation

People keep asking me, “What is the IMSD designation?”

The IMSD program is designed to help your business both online and offline.  IMSD training and designation was created and developed to help real estate professionals who understand the importance of Internet marketing and having an online presence, but can’t seem to get their arms around it or make it work for their own business.

Why Are People Wanting the IMSD Designation?

The training is not technical, it’s practical.  How do you earn and grow business using Social Media, blogging, SEO, Craigslist, Facebook etc.  The strategies you’ll learn are easy to implement and produce results.  The training is time-tested and proven and the support is guaranteed.

If you follow a few simple details these guys share, you’ll grow your business.

The Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD) is a proven training program that will help you grow your real estate business through effective Internet lead generation. Created from interviews with over 1,000 agents and tested and proven over six years generating thousands of leads, IMSD features a series of classes and homework with techniques to help you generate more website traffic, capture more leads, and convert more leads into closings. You’ll have a specific, customized online marketing plan and begin seeing results immediately.  Follow the system and you will make money!

The enrollment fee to join the IMSD program is $599

But if you really want to take your business to the next level and you’re serious, I’ve been given permission to invite you now and save $200.  That’s almost half off.  Before you decide, go ahead and check out the site, then just use the discount code “bradandersohn” when you do sign up.

Go Ahead and Search The Area Around You

Many agents have already earned their IMSD designations.  Don’t worry, if the training and program isn’t working for you, IMSD offers a full 30 day money back guarantee.  There isn’t any risk if it doesn’t work out.  On top of earning the IMSD designation, you’ll be armed and prepared to experience success and begin the Internet Marketing/Advertising and Social Media phenomenon that is changing the way real estate business gets done today.

There’s a NEW Real Estate designation… but this one is different than all the rest.

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