Is Blogging Journaling? – Why Should I Blog?

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I received this email yesterday, from a client I invited to Active Rain.  Since I am new, and have only been a member for 5 weeks, I will answer it the best I can.  I thought this might be a great opportunity for you to give YOUR two cents, and help me answer her questions below.

My lack of Blogging experience, might not expose the full BENEFITS of Active Rain.  I want her to hear it from others perspectives too.  Please take a moment to comment, and help out a fellow Realtor.   I will email her the link to this post later today.  Thank you for your advice.


It should be easy for you to judge how much spare time I have by the length of time it is taking me to get back to you on this. I am working almost full time for my ex-boss and not much time for everything else. 

But, that is soon to change and I would like some answers regarding
blogging, if you don't mind before I waste your time meeting with me.

1. Isn't blogging just journalizing on the internet for public consumption?

2. Well, the real question is: why do I want to blog, besides the obvious 
     "keeping up" (Techno stuff) issue.  

3. What will it do for my business?

Thank you for your time and trouble on my behalf.

Best regards my friend,


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