Is This Really 1929 – 2.0?

Some financial pundits are hailing this last week’s bailouts, bankruptcies and market crash as the most significant since 1929. Former investment banker Pat Kitano will be on Rain Radio today at 11:00am PDT, to sort out the two opposing theories on the market – is this the beginning of Financial Armageddon or is this the massive market cleansing process that investors have been waiting for so that we can call it a bottom?  Come join us today on BTR and RainRadio to hear Pat “Voice” his views on everything from 1929 – 2.0 to the Bailouts and economic forcast and future of our great nation.

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Pat is an ActiveRain Member, also with Transparent RE.  Pat is currently co-Founder, Managing Principal of Domus Consulting Group, a management consulting firm working with real estate brokerages, media/publishing companies, and Web 2.0 companies to develop social media strategies, and with venture investors on new business models.  He’s a regular speaker and commentator on real estate industry and technology issues and is always on the lookout for a “transparency” angle. Since graduating from Cal Berkeley (Geophysics) and Columbia University (MBA), he’s been involved in four competitive industries – films, investment banking, internet technology and real estate.

Pat has been helping to put on the Social Media Networking and Marketing Webinars for many of our ActiveRain members.  His Blog, Transparent Real Estate covers strategy, innovation, economy, intelligence, and technology.  Our webinars take place every Friday morning at 9:00am PDT and 12:00pm EST.


“Domus Consulting Group is a leader in the development of a new social media platform they simply call the “Social Media System“. This system enables companies, organizations and groups to create powerful effective social networks WITHOUT REQUIRING THEIR PARTICIPANTS TO BLOG. Using various popular applications like Twitter and Friendfeed, and bookmarking tools like, our Social Media System facilitates real time news wires. We developed the System because blogging can be challenging, but participating in the various social media is easy and fun.”  Pat Kitano

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