It’s a language, and new way of communication! LOL, L8R, and TTFN… :-)

Have you noticed that many Bloggers, and other Internet users, have a very different form of communication these days?  It is the use of symbols, combinations of letters, and numbers on their Blogs, comments, text messages, emails and other forms of Internet communications.  What do all these things mean?  I happen to use "  🙂  " alot!  Maybe even too much, but it means I am smiling, and I think that's a good thing.  I also use (LOL) but only when I am really "laughing out loud". 

I had a Realtor friend in my area ask me just the other day, "what does 🙂 mean?"  So I have decided to create a post about this "New Age Cyberspace Communication"!  Do you know what these symbols and combinations of text mean?  If you are a newbie at this, or even a veteran Internet user, you may want to know what each of these converts to, other than the fact that the person typing them, obviously doesn't have the time to just SIO…"Spell It Out"!  LOL.  You will see these from time to time, everywhere that you go on the WWW "world wide web", so hopefully this will be helpful to you!

🙂       =  Happy, Smiling

LOL      =  Laughing Out Loud

🙁       =  Very Sad, Bummed

:-0       =  Surprised, In Shock, WOW!

ROTFL  =  Rolling On The Floor Laughing

L8R      =  See ya Later, or Talk to you later

TTFN     =  Tata For Now….


Keep in mind, that using these will increase the time it takes for your spellcheck to complete a document. 🙁 

Here is a link to a whole new language  that you may want to become familiar with, as you interact with other clients, and techies on the web.  I found it to be very informative, helpful, and even humorous.  It's called "On-line Lingo".

If you want to become really well versed at these new symbols and combinations of text, you can take this 2 minute QUIZ.  You can even take it multiple times if you need.  It is multiple choice, and it's a different set of questions each time.  Have fun, and good luck!

                                                      TAKE THE QUIZ CHALLENGE

Oh By the way, TLW really stands for "The Lovely Wife" and should be added to the All Time Library!!   🙂 TTFN


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