It’s Halloween Time – "LIKE It" or Not

It’s Halloween time in a couple weeks and I think you’ll “LIKE” what we’re doing over on Facebook.  It’s “scary” some of the things we’ll do in this business for fun!

It’s our Halloween Sweepstakes Contest and it’s never been easier to win up to $1000.00 in trick-or-treat essentials.  How many goblins and ghoul’s does it take to fill a “Haunted Mansion?”  If you want to find out, just “LIKE” our page over on Facebook, enter our contest and you could be the winner that finds out!?!?!  It ends on the 24th so you better get clickin… you’re only two clicks away, and they’re both on this page.


For those of you who are already fans of Zillow on Facebook, you can still enter too.  In order to win though, you must be a fan of Zillow on Facebook upon entering the contest and at the time of the drawing. Again, the deadline is the 24th of October.

Here’s the voting link, so be sure to share it with others: (unless of course you’re wanting all the winnings to yourself)  lol~  Zillow’s Halloween Sweepstakes. It couldn’t get any easier than this, all you have to do is “LIKE” Zillow on Facebook, then enter to WIN and that’s it.  Well, we hope you’ll also “LIKE” what we’re doing over there and what we have planned for our Facebook fans and friends in the future, but that’s another post.

So Outfit the Ultimate Halloween House by “LIKING” us on Facebook then enter the sweepstakes to WIN!

Here’s the Contest Rules

Just for fun, want to see the Top 10 Haunted Homes in the US? How about some scary “Celebrity” Haunted Homes?  Have a safe and fun Halloween Holiday and just remember what it was like when you were out there as a kid trick or treating.  Try to give the kids in your neighborhood something they’ll “LIKE” this year, and that they’ll remember for many years to come.  And not those little corn candies either,  you’re better off giving them a trick instead of those darn things~   lol~

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