It’s Never Too Late to Turn Things Around – Always Give Your Best!

It’s Never Too Late to Turn Things Around – Always Give Your Best!

Today I received a support ticket from a Non-Member of Activerain.  This person was signed in as a guest and took the time to submit the following ticket to our support center.  Now I have to admit, I have seen some real doozies come in before, some I wouldn’t dare make public, but this one deserves to be shared and discussed.

Have you ever had someone complain about you or your service? Did they go out of their way to let the world know that you provided bad service or that you let them down or failed to meet their desired expectations?  With sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media platforms out there, consumers and YOU now have a voice and can be heard.  It’s easy for a negative message to go out about you, your product, or even your service.

ActiveRain and the blogging platform here is no different. This was the ticket and request I just responded to:

When I received this ticket today, it took me by surprise. Here is a person who left a comment on a members Blog post, the member just left it there, then the person came back 8 months later and wanted to leave a positive comment, redeem themselves, and have the previous comment removed. WOW!  I was totally impressed.  Not only with the request, but with the member who must have really done something right to turn this person around.  Thank you Ruby, and WAY TO GO Angeline Sackett!

This member turned things around! Well done I say! We should always give and do our very best!

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