It’s Not About Your Company – It’s ALL About Your People

We just returned home from Seattle, WA where my wife and I spent 3 days and two nights at the Hotel 1000, a spectacular retro/modern hotel and spa located downtown.  We were invited to attend the Zillow Company Holiday party and I was fortunate to also attend my first Z-talk (a company meeting) which is like a state-of-the-division conference.  Man, what a diverse and intelligent group of people. 

There were folks from Seattle, Iowa, Idaho, Chicago, SF and NY…. it was awesome!

I really had no idea how many people worked behind the scenes for Zillow until this past week. WOW!


Can you spot my green seat?  lol~  What an honor it was to be included at the Z-talk.  I’ve never seen or been surrounded by a more passionate and inspirational group of people who make up the Zillow culture and team.  It’s truly a privilege to be part of this great company.  Or as Spencer would say, “a Zillowite!”  My wife is still calling me BradZilla  (thanks alot TLW)  🙂

Any company can create a business model, offer decent services and products, and just show up for work everyday, but what really turns a good company into a GREAT company?  I believe that is determined and defined by what differentiates their people, their focus, and their shared passion for their clients, potential customers, and their own success.  Always seeking to do more and to do it better.  I’m proud that Zillow sets very high standards in all arenas.

Being the new kids on the block, we were wondering what it would be like attending our first company Holiday party and social gathering?  You know, a shy and quiet kinda guy like me (yeah right) surrounded by great tech gurus and experts?  Rubbing elbows with many of those whom have made this company a technology and industry leader? 

Seriously, my wife and I were treated just like family.  It was like we had always been there.

Everyone made us feel so warm and welcomed, never once did we feel out of place or in bad company.

Our take away?  No matter what you may think of any company or business out there, remember that those companies are made up of people. Real people just like you and I.  They have families, are committed to their jobs, and are loyal to their leadership.  These are just some of the people that made our stay and visit to Seattle one of the best times ever. 






more photos available on flickr photostream

My wife and I want to thank the entire Zillow family for their warm and sincere welcome, their generosity and hospitality, and most of all, for making us feel like we belong.  These are some of the nicest and funnest people, we’re proud to be associated with such a fine group.


We’ll always extend that same warmth and hospitality to all our fellow colleagues, and our new found friends.

~ Happy Holidays ~

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