Karen George – Goodbye to an Angel

In honor and dedication of another member, a friend, and part of our ActiveRain Family. Karen touched so many lives here including myself. She was a caring, sharing, wonderful person who we will all miss very deeply.

She will always be loved and remembered by our community and those that benefited so greatly from her contributions and her giving spirit. I am proposing we honor Karen George by creating an award to be given to a single member annually, on this day, that best represents Karen’s heart, spirit, generosity, and her love and zest for life.

Thank you Karen for sharing a piece of your life with us, and for teaching us the meaning of how special life really is. The greatest gift we can give to another is our time in which you were the master teacher. Karen George and her family will forever be in our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers. Until we meet again, may we all be grateful for the one thing that can’t be taught, bought, or sold..LIFE! God Bless You.

August 23rd, 2008


Via Boise Idaho Real Estate – George Tallabas:

Karen George lost her battle with cancer today but she will never loose the love and respect hundreds of Active Rain members from across the country that were touched by this incredible woman have for her.

When I joined Active Rain in May of 2007 I was a lost little puppy. Karen is one of those that wrote some awesome blogs that helped me grow my presence on Google both with my Active Rain Profile and my own web site. 

When Karen was too sick last summer her husband Michael wrote a page for my site in an attempt to have it climb higher with the search engine rankings.  I did not expect this at all and told Michael it was not necessary. He did it anyway.  Many of you don’t know but even when Karen was very, very ill and could hardly sit up she would write blogs here on Active Rain in an attempt to help us with the great advice she always gave.

If you have not read Karen’s blogs I highly recommend you do.  99.9% of everything she wrote was to help you and I grow our business.  I read many of Karen’s blogs and put the recommendations into action which is one of the main reasons I have had so much success on the web.

Karen was a giver.  When Karen was well she heard of an elderly man that was confined to his home due to an illness.  Karen purchased this man a notebook computer with internet access so he could communicate with his family and friends.

This is the type of life Karen lived.  She was a “giver” and cared so very much about others. When she gave Karen never wanted anything in return.  She took many of my calls and patiently explained things to me in layman’s terms.  I hope we can all learn from Karen’s giving soul.  If someone needs help, lets reach out to them in a loving way just like Karen did and would want all of us to do. 

We lost an Angel on earth here today but the heaven’s are rejoicing and having a party.  Everyone throws a party when someone so special is coming to join them.

Thank you Karen for everything you did for me and for holding my hand when I didn’t understand.  Thank you for your incredible knowledge and your desire to help.

You will be missed and I can assure you that this world was a better place because you were part of it.  I will continue to pray for Michael and will do anything to help him.

I love you Karen, Thank you for everything but most of all for your beautiful soul!

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