Like, Trust and Satisfaction – Priciples of Life

 I once heard someone say, "If they like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you."  It didn't really hit me until recently, when I was at a campground with my family, and we found this to be very true.  We realized how much we LIKE Pinecrest Campground, We TRUST it's safe there, and we are always SATISFIED, and have a blast when we go each year.  We even make reservations 6 months in advance, because they are so booked up. 

When you really think about it, every decision, we as humans make, is based on these 3 principles:

Everything that we do in life is ALL about liking it, trusting it, and being satisfied.  Every choice you make on a daily basis, starts with "like".  Your job, your car, favorite restaurants, hair stylist, your clothes, your vacation, favorite drink, food, and even your husband or wife.  If you didn't like them or it, chances are good, that you wouldn't return or patronize that product, person or service again.  Right?  Let's see…

Let's look at your favorite restaurant, as an example:

You LIKE the food,
You TRUST it won't make you sick or kill you,
and You're SATISFIED when you're done, so you'll go back!

Now let me ask you, does the restaurant farm you?  Do they send you mailers or call you on the phone?  Do they knock on your door?  Do they have any kind of marketing plan or campaign trying to get your future business and referrals?  NO.  Why?  It's because they know you like them, you trust them, and you're a satisfied customer!!  So you'll come back again and again, and you'll also tell others.  Isn't our business the same way?  Shouldn't people be lining up at your door, and your phone ringing off the hook?

Your dentist is another great example.  If you don't like your dentist, you will not only never go there, you probably won't refer business, and even worse, you may talk negatively to others about why you don't like this particular person.  This could this be the $64,000 question.  How do you make somebody like you, trust you, and be satisfied with your service or product?  Well, this is my opinion, and I admit, I am no expert in psychology, but I believe in these 3 words and concepts:

1. Like – Be yourself!  Don't be a prisoner in your own mind.  Some will like you and some won't.  Aren't you the same way?  Be a professional at whatever you do.  It is always better to give than to receive, just try it.  Don't forget to have fun.  Speak only half as much as you listen.  Remember, people will size you up in the first 60 seconds.  This is not the most important time, it's the "ten years after" that really count!  If you want people to like you, give them a reason to.

2. Trust – Trust is a natural instinct.  We are born with it, and start to use it the moment we come out of our mothers womb.  We trust those around us to feed us, clothe us, and not drop us on our heads!!  (Ya Think?)  Trust is something that has to be earned.  To establish trust, ALWAYS keep your word.  A human being is only as good as their word!  If you tell them you'll do it, do it!  Never make promises that you can't keep.  Trust is really the bond and glue of any great relationship.

3. Satisfaction – ALWAYS EXCEED expectations!  Sometimes it's the little things, and sometimes, there are great sacrifices that have to be made.  If you always leave things better than you find them, the world would be a much better place.  Satisfaction exceeded to a client means referrals!  Satisfaction is your name brought up in certain circles and endorsed, not condemned.  Satisfaction means others sell you more than you sell yourself.  Lastly, satisfaction adds to your income and reduces your losses.


Every choice and decision you make in life, is based on these 3 words…so make them count every single day!

Are you Liked, Trusted, and are people Satisfied with you, your product or service?  Do you have testimonials proving you've exceeding customers' expectations, that you can share with others?  You should, referral business is good business!! 

I hope you like this post, trust that it will be helpful, and are satisfied with the last 4 minutes you spent reading it!   🙂

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