LinkedIn Becomes More than A Profile -or- The On-Line Resume’

Here’s a post that I just couldn’t resist. has announced some really cool new features to their site.  Up until now, I think many have just considered this site to be a place to have a profile, an on-line resume’, or the place to be if you’re anybody in any business.  I think most members on ActiveRain are probably on LinkedIn already, and if not, should be.

Just today, I have already incorporated two of their new features to my LinkedIn profile which is now a syndicated site to host my Blogs and other more useful information.  I just added the ability to have posts from my various Blogs show up right on the profile. Check out BlogLink. You can even have Google Docs and presentations there. 

Here’s some of the other items they’ve added that you can include:

Box: Collaborate and share files with your friends and network.

Huddle: Create private work areas to share projects.

Amazon: Find out what the rest of your network is reading.

TripIt: Check out and follow your traveling network.

SixApart: Keep up to date with your networks latest posts.

Google Docs: Add and embed presentations on your profile page.

SlideShare: View, comment, and share presentations.

WordPress: Promote your latest WordPress Posts.

CompanyBuzz: See what others are saying about your Company.

I haven’t had the chance to setup and try or test all of these yet, but at least we know that LinkedIn is trying hard to become more than just a place to host your Resume’ and Profile.  They’ve built that reputation to some extent, and now looks like they might be trying and live up to the their name instead.  LinkedIn. 

I personally like what they’ve done.  That means this post should appear on  my LinkedIn profile now. (once you’re logged in)  Don’t forget to add YOUR AR Blogs there too.

See all their new “Featured Applications”

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