LinkedIn Makes Comeback with iMobile

LinkedIn just released their mobile version for IOS and it’s a really cool app with a friendly and easy to use interface.  LinkedIn continues to evolve and tread the social media waters amongst the other SMM sharks and giants and does it ever so quietly and eloquently.

There are many reasons business professionals continue to have a presence on LinkedIn, but there are a ton of business people who are missing out on the many opportunities LinkedIn provides and makes available.  Take a look at the new mobile app and interface, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

One of the really cool features is the ability to check updates, read featured group posts, see what other influential friends and associates are up to and more all with a single swipe across the screen. It’s like reading a book and you really do feel like you’re LinkedIn.  (some pun intended)

One of my fellow associate friends and Real Estate associates joined me last week for a webinar and not only demonstrated the power of LinkedIN, he provided these slides and tips for those interested in getting the most out of LinkedIn.  Preview a copy below or view on Scribd here.

Build Your Business With LinkedIn – Zillow Academy

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