Making A Point – The Power Point Way!

Today, I spoke on the phone with Margaret Rome from Baltimore. She shared with me that she was doing a presentation tomorrow for the WCR called “What’s A Blog Anyway?” I decided to try something that has not been done yet here on our Active Rain Blogs.

Margaret sent me a copy of her PowerPoint Presentation, I told her I would try to upload it to Google or YouTube as a video. Then we could post it in a Blog on Active Rain. Well I found out tonight that it’s just not possible. Let me backup just a bit. Margaret actually called me today because I had made a comment in a post earlier that, “Time is precious and priceless, therefore it is the greatest gift we can give!” She was just calling me to say thanks. Little did she know, that phone call made my day! She could have just commented back, but she took the time and called me, and left a very nice message on my voice mail.

So after we talked, and when I found that her presentation couldn’t be uploaded to either of the video formats, I was bound and determined to invest the “Time” to somehow get it done. It has to be possible. I just couldn’t let her down, I had to figure this out! Well 3 hours later, I am happy to say that it appears to have paid off. This may very well be the first ever Power Point Presentation on an Active Rain Blog. Imagine the possibilities!!

So without any further delay, I’m proud to present, Margaret Rome’s March 13th, 2008 presentation entitled “What’s A Blog Anyway?” I know that she and her presentation will be a hit. Please wish her the best as she goes to educate the WCR members in Baltimore! They will get to see the “Power” in her “Points” about Blogs and Blogging! This is yet another small step for man (and women), and another large step for Bloggers.

Thanks Margaret for your kind and thoughtful words today, and for the motivation and inspiration
you gave me to not just give up and make an excuse, but to find a way, and get it done! That’s what friends are for! You really made my day, I hope this makes yours! Congratulations and Best of Luck at WCR today!! 🙂

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