Mama Says "NO BLOGGING!"

 Last night my wife and I went to a fabulous event held in Vacaville, CA.  It was the Food and Wine Jubilee put on at the Nut Tree, where hundreds gathered to enjoy an evening of tasting spirits and foods from all over the County.  For us, this was our first time attending.  It was great!  It was nice to get out, meet people, try some great food, and have a date night together!  We were even escorted there by Limo.

Now, what I am going to share with you next is very personal and probably "unique to only me",  (I'm sure no one else has experienced this) but I have to tell you, "Mama Said, "NO MORE BLOGGING" this weekend!  Get off, and stay off that computer!!  You are mine this weekend MISTER!  WHOA!!  So I said OK honey!!  But then it really hit me… the thought of having Bloggers withdrawals!!  Could I make it an entire day without Blogging or touching my computer?  How about a whole weekend?  Yikes!!  Today, I actually felt really guilty just walking by the computer in my studio, and yet I was in control, I had the will power, I am strong,…yada yada yada…or so I thought!!   LOL!~

It can't be that bad, or is it?
  Last night at the Jubilee, when Mama had to run to the ladies room, I'd check comments on my IPhone, I even did a TWITTER or two.  Then I caught myself interviewing people and thinking about my next Blog post, when I remembered "NO BLOGGING!"  Man, am I really a Blogoholic or what??  Nah…not me!  OK I CONFESS, I really am addicted to you folks, this place, and it's really hard to stay away for any length of time.  I feel like if I'm gone for more than a day, I miss soooooo much of the action, the stories, and what's happening out here in the "rain"….

You see, I used to sneak around quietly at nights to Blog
because I couldn't do it during the day, my company discouraged it!  I couldn't Blog in the evenings, my wife and kids needed me, so the only time I could Blog was very early mornings, or very late at night, and weekends!  Blogging had become a real "Time Management" thing for me.  I'd Blog for an hour in the mornings, then make some comments at night.  Then I'd have all weekend to pop in and out when necessary!  Seemed like a good enough system for me.  Until now……

Now, I'll have to re-adjust my schedule all over again!
  Just when I thought I had it all figured out! haha! 

This past month, I have had the chance to speak to so many of you
on the phone or just converse by email.  I am learning so much about our communities and the truly awesome people that make up the AR Network.  Rich Jacobson and Bob Stewart have been the ultimate mentors, and I really do love my new job, but… when Mama says "No Blogging", it's no Blogging!!  Not this weekend anyway!!  hehe!!  :-O

So there you have it,  I got it off my chest….and…. uh oh…..oooooh…I gotta go, looks like Mama's back home from the store….. shhhhhhh.  LOL!~  :-)))

and here's the rest of this story…

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