Mobile Advertising – Taking your Real Estate Business on the Road

Here is a classic example of mobile advertising.
  If you saw this car while driving down the road, would you go to the store and purchase your favorite Jelly Belly's?  Would you refer your family, friends and neighbors to the local store to purchase this product too? 

Is this type of marketing effective or not, still remains to be answered.  Does advertising your company or business on your vehicle really get you any business?  Is it just a way of drawing attention to yourself in hopes that someone will remember you when the time comes, and there's a need for your services?


Today, while driving around town to various appointments and meetings, I noticed a much greater than usual "mobile marketing campaign" on the road, highways, and parking lots in my areas. 

It made me wonder, what good this type of marketing really does for you or your business?  Luckily, I had my handy dandy TREO 700p with the built in camera to assist me with creating this post.   🙂

I thought about the benefits of mobile marketing all day, especially considering this changed market of ours.  Some say that if you wear your name tag every where you go, you will pick up an additional 1 – 2 transactions a year.

I'm not sure how much truth is in that statement, but I have heard it a thousand times, literally. 

I have seen billboards, shopping carts, coffee cup holders, freeway and highway roadside sponsorships.  I have seen business cards at the local dry cleaners, the coffee shop, and in racks at various restaurants all over town.  I even saw an inflatable Gorilla in front of a local real estate office, in order to draw attention to their company.

When I see these cars on the road, I can't help but wonder what kind of clients and opportunities this type of marketing can really generate for you and your business?  Is it really marketing, or just causing a distraction? If people are always trying to figure out what your license plate reads (c'mon you know you do it too),  then maybe trying the same thing with the rest of the car is a good idea?!?  


What is mobile advertising?  Is it promoting the company, the product, a tool or service to help consumers with the purchase of Real Estate?  If that's the case, why is there not an MLS Kiosk in the trunk, or an electronic neon banner in the back window? Maybe a "Pimp-My-Ride" external monitor showing all the listings and best prices in the area. Great for other commuters to watch while stopped at the red light, or stuck in traffic.  But would it get you any business?

There are many forms of advertising including buses advertising Real Estate Brokers, and Lenders.  Don't forget the television commercials. And get this, there's even an Agent who drives around in the Bay Area, in a mobile home, logo plastered on the side, and it's his portable Real Estate Office.  What is next for mobile advertising?  

Should we all decorate our cars, trucks and bikes with our company logos and drive the streets with the intent, "Look at Me, Look at Me, and don't forget me when it's time to buy or sell your home!"  Is it worth it?  Does it work?  Is there more to this than just advertising?  Maybe this is a waste of time and money, maybe it's really the next best way to Farm and Prospect in your community!  Hmmm….

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