Mobile Real Estate Technology – Is It Necessary?

AccessU2 claims to have the easiest 24/7 mobile real estate information access for buyers…. Is this really the way buyers will be shopping for homes now and in the future? That’s what they’re saying. I like that they have incorporated text and photos for cell phone users, (which pretty much includes the entire planet) but how much impact does this type of technology really have when considering buying or selling your greatest investment?

What Exactly is Global Property Information?

So is this more a tool for the seller or the buyer? Is it possible this is the next “Mobile Shopping Network” via the cell phone? Or, is this just another fancy service for the consumer at your expense? I have seen many of these types of services come and go, like the 800 Number Sign Riders, and the Talking House. Remember iBeam? In a world of SMS, IM, and Twitter text messaging, maybe this one will be different. Maybe it’s just too soon to tell?

The iPhone in this video tells me this must be a fairly new technology being offered out of Colorado.

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