Napa Valley – Where everybody Wines…


Have you been to the Napa Valley lately? We travelled to
Napa on Mothers Day to treat "Mom" (my wife) for her
special day.  One of her favorite places to go is a winery
that we like to visit regularly.  We have both been so busy
lately, we haven't had the chance to really go visit in a
while, so the kids and I decided to take her there.

The one we really like, is just a few miles past Napa in a
quaint little town called St. Helena, CA.  If you ever make
it to the west coast, this area is a must see.  Some of the
best wines in the world come from right here off these




The Winery is called V. Sattui. They have a great deli with
imported cheeses, deli meats, and a choice selection of
wines that can only be bought at the winery, or shipped to
you if you're a club member.  They have a great picnic
area, with tables setup all over the property for guests.
Mothers Day was packed.  It was like every mother in the
Napa area was there wineing!  (LOL) love that hook…:-)

We decided to take Mom to another location after we
purchased our picnic lunch and bottle of (Grape Juice). 🙂
There are many winery's in Napa, so we decided to take a
drive through some of them, and even explored some of
the back-roads. It was like discovery channel on some of
those roads….




This was a shot we had to get.  The entire building was
covered with ivy and ferns. Even the chimney was over-run
with vegetation and greenery. It was awesome to see in
person. This photo does not do it justice, but it still came
out pretty good.

Mom was relaxing and really enjoying her day by now. 
After lunch, the boys and I snuck over to the truck and
grabbed Moms gifts and cards.  She was so happy, she
cried…(at least I hope it was because she was happy) :-0


It was time to call it a day so we started to head home, but this time, we decided to take Mom off-road for a
little tour of our own.  We found some great places we'd never seen or been to before.  All in all, the boys and I
had a great day with Mom, and we know she deserves to be treated this way everyday.  That's right, everyday
should be Mothers Day.  This post is dedicated to my Mom, my kids Mom, and all you Moms out there, who had
to work so hard to earn the status of being a "Mother"! Happy Mothers Day! and when the day is said and done,
it's ok to wine.  🙂


                                                                 The Napa Valley Winery's, the only place to WINE!!

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