New and Improved ActiveRain Leaderboard

I reblogged this post to give some additional exposure to the new ActiveRain Leaderboard.  This in my opinion is a nice supplement to the City/State pages that use to feature the ability to find specific individuals in various States under a selected category. Great job on the post Kerrie, thanks and kudos!  🙂

Via ActiveRain Corp.:

We are pleased to announce the new and improved ActiveRain Leaderboard! We couldn’t have done it without the amazing feedback of our Community over the last couple of days. Thank you all so much!

ActiveRain wanted to create the best possible layout for all of our members.  A place where you can easily see how you rank within all of AR, your state, your professional group etc.

The new style is sleek and sexy…take a look.

ActiveRain Leaderboard

As you can see, I have narrowed my search down to Real Estate Agents in All States.  You can also add state, county, and city for more localization. 

If you are roaming around and your name is in the list you can hit the “show me” button on the bottom right and it will take you to the page you rank on with your profile highlighted. Please keep in mind that if you are not a Loan Officer in New York and you have that specific search open, the “show me” button will not appear.

The new design will make it easier and more convenient to find what you’re looking for;  whether it be a referral or simply to see where you rank amongst other members.

Another great tool is that you can access the leaderboard from your main profile.  If you click “My Home” on the top right hand side of AR you then see your smokin’ hot photo with a few stats below.  The “Rank in State”, “Rank in County” and “Rank in City” all link to the leaderboard.

ActiveRain is always working hard to stay on top.  We try our best to provide you with the tools you need and are asking for.  The new ActiveRain Leaderboard is our newest addition.

We hope you like it!

Kerrie Greenhalgh



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