NEW Google Maps for TREO… FREE?…AWESOME!!

Brad's TREO 700p PhoneIf you like technology tools, this one's for you! Do you own a TREO phone? How would you like to never get lost again? If you own a TREO mobile phone, and have internet access, you can have google maps right at the touch of a button. I read an article today in PC Magazine that talked about this new FREE download from google. You can actually download the application right onto your phone, and install it without hooking up to your computer and doing a hot-sync.

You know me, first to jump on the wagon to see if it works, and sure enough, IT's THE BOMB! It takes 1 minute to download and install, maps right on your TREO phone. I almost titled this post "Google + TREO = Giggle!" Why? because after I find a cool thing like this, it either works and I giggle, or it doesn't and I curse.

The mapping is great, a little slow on the refresh rate, but makes up for it when you do a property search. For all you BIG CITY folks, you won't want to leave home without it. You can search individual addresses, find nearby businesses, get directions, Show or hide traffic (WOW), it even has the satellite maps for viewing. Zoom in, zoom out, or just scroll your way across the entire US. The really neat thing is that when I downloaded it, the first map that came up was the area I live. Must have detected my cell carrier, or it was just a coincidence.

Either way, I give the goole maps for the TREO a 9 out of 10. Why not a ten? Because we all know there is no such thing as a perfect technology. BIG (LOL) You can go to: and download it right to your phone. (TREO that is) I have the TREO 700p and it works great! TREO Map Brads Phone

It never ceases to amaze me the gadgets and tech stuff that's out there and that is still coming. Right now in my area, agents are using their TREO phones (very popular), to access their MLS, open their lock boxes, store their contacts, listings, and calendar information. Some use it for music, document storage and even calculating the tip when they dine out. You can check your email, record a voice mail reminder, play solitare while waiting at the airport, and OH YEAH, use it as a phone.

I wanted to be the first to do a post about this new Mapping capability from Google and TREO. I hope you find this type of "tech tip" information to be of value. It is my opinion that this is, and will be, a great tool in each of our everyday businesses. I love to share a great thing with you, so many of you have shared great things with me.

Helping you map your way…..(big smile) enjoy!!

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