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When I think of the old traditional maps, I still think of the ones in my glove compartment.  You know the one, you unfold it six times to open it, stretch your arms across the entire front seat of the car to read it, and then you’re never able to fold it back up the right way to get it back in the glove compartment again. LOL!  I use to get those maps from AAA before going on road trips with my family, just 2 years ago.

Today, there’s GPS, Google Earth, Mapquest, Mapopolis, Yahoo maps, TREO’s and other options to finding our way around the planet.  So clean out your glove compartments! 🙂  In my research to find a marketing tool for a client today, I discovered a Blog that talked about customizing Google Maps!  It’s the Google Lat Long Blog. DETAILS>>> We are creating a map showing all her listings, and one for open houses Sunday.

Customize your maps with icons, photos, images, graphics and more. Here are some links to some helpful sites  using Google Maps!

Use Google Maps on your phone: Learn more »
Add or Edit your business: Learn more »
Advertise with Google Maps: Learn more »
Add Google Maps to your website: Learn more »
Get free local info. 800-GOOG-411: Learn more »


Next, here’s how to customize your maps. Personalize Google Maps using Google Real Estate Search, Photos From Picasa, Photos from Panoramio, Gas Prices from, Distance Measurement Tools and Browse other Popular Maps for ideas.  Add these to your listings, open houses, MLS tours, flyer’s, address domain names, and even your website.  Here’s how: Go to Google Maps:


Select “My Maps” to begin creating hundreds of customized maps for you, your business, your clients, and personal use.

Click the option to “Create new map” and you’re ready to get started with customizing your map.

You’ll notice that you have the option to: add place marks, draw borders and custom lines, import graphics from other Internet sources and much more.

Take the time to explore Google Maps and all these possibilities.  In less than a few minutes, you can create some really cool and useful maps which are great Blogging tools as well.

If you want some support with doing this, there are support and instructional links and Blogs at Google’s support Blog!

I think anything you do to advance yourself with these “new” technology tools will help keep you on the cutting edge, and ahead of your competition.

To View a Sample Map I created, CLICK HERE!

 Once you’re done, you can link or email with the URL address, or you can embed the map into your Blog or Website.  The HTML code and links are provided by Google.   THIS IS AWESOME!!  Do I seem to be a little over excited?!? I think this new feature is the Bomb!!  It’s making me Crazy all this new stuff!!


Just to show an example of how powerful this customized mapping can be, these guys are thinking really BIG!

Look what Google has done with maps in their International project, Cleaning Up The World. You’re invited to participate in this project/event too.  Pick a spot and join on in.  Join Google, and the rest of the world, in the International Crusade, Cleanup Weekend!  3 EASY STEPS

I love how Google is making an impact “outside” of the Internet too!  Taking a cyber-space tool to help our communities and our planet.   I hope you can use these maps to make an impact in your area, and for your business as well!   🙂
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