New Members – Video Explanations – Social Media, Blogging & MORE!

There are so many things to learn once you join ActiveRain.  How to create links, add photos, use HTML, don’t spam or hijack, add video etc., not to mention Channels, ReBlogging, Outside Blogs, Localism and the Referral Network just to name a few.  It’s no wonder some of our new members and visitors get a bit  overwhelmed in the beginning. 

In this post, I am hoping to help YOU understand some of the concepts of what these things are, and why they are here, before you dive head first into ActiveRain’s Social Networking and Blogging Forum.  Then there is all the other stuff you can learn about here.  RSS, Wiki’s, Twitter, Flickr and so on.  You will frequently see and hear many of these words and terms in your Journey here on AR.

No matter where you are in the process of learning all this stuff, there will be something below that you may need or want to know more about.  I am using “Video Explanations” as a resourse to try and explain many areas of Social Media, Networking, and Blogging etc.  It’s “Plain English” and in simple, easy to understand terms. 

These are some Commoncraft Videos and others created to share the following insights with you.  I hope this will help our newer members get a better understanding of why and how to use Social Networking, WEB 2.0, Activerain, and other social media platforms to their benefit.  My goal: To create the desire and reason for you to “Get Started” in your efforts here.

Social Media & Networking

  • What is Social Media – What is it really all about?  – SEE VIDEO
  • What is Social Networking – Do I need to to be doing this? – SEE VIDEO
  • What is a BLOG – What’s the BIG DEAL? – SEE VIDEO
  • Over 50 Million Blogs – How Do I keep Up?  What is RSS? – SEE VIDEO
  • Web Search Strategies and Why “Keywords” are important – SEE VIDEO
  • Micro-Blogging – Real Time Updates and Marketing on Twitter – SEE VIDEO

Social Sharing & Collaboration

  • Social Bookmarking – Why not just use my browser? – SEE VIDEO
  • Using and Sharing Documents – Will this work on a Blog? – SEE VIDEO
  • My Gads – A Sharing tool For the Real Estate Industry – SEE VIDEO
  • Social Photo Sharing – What is the benefit of that? – SEE VIDEO

Tools and Tech Stuff

  • Google Maps on your Phone – Will this help my Business? – SEE VIDEO
  • Should I be Podcasting – Who is this for and why?  – SEE VIDEO
  • Wiki Wiki – What is a Wiki? – SEE VIDEO
  • PR Web – Are you getting your news releases out? – SEE VIDEO 

So Why Should I be on ActiveRain?  –  SEE VIDEO

Now that you have a better idea of what type of information is available here and what the new Social Media and Marketing WEB 2.0 Platform is all about, be sure to check out the “Getting Started” link here on AR so you can jump right into the “Rain” and start getting your feet wet!

Here’s Some More How -To Post’s For New MembersWishing you all the best in your WEB 2.0  Journey.

Feel free to check out my ActiveRain Outside Blog Too, You’ll find more posts like this there. 🙂

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