Pictures and Video DO Help Sell Real Estate

So is there a secret to selling Real Estate using photos and video?  I ran across Bob Sokoler’s post today called “What’s Helping Us To Sell Homes? Video!”  It’s nice to see those results are finally starting to come in.  Thanks Bob.

What is the benefit of ActiveRain Video using Mixpo, and why would anyone ever consider paying for something they think they can get elsewhere for FREE?  The truth is, YOU CAN’T!  Let’s address this often asked question. The following videos help explain why AR Video and Mixpo are different than other sites.

Glenn Pingual – VP of Marketing at Mixpo, shares his points of view regarding Real Estate, Video, and the overall WEB 2.0 movement in the video arena.


Chris Calabro shares some of the AR/Mixpo features and benefits of the platform, and also how Mixpo is different than any other video editing and hosting system online.

Since Mixpo is now one of our ActiveRain Vendors, this means you will get FULL support from US, your ActiveRain Team.  We’re here to help make sure you understand how it works and how to use it.  Since Video is now the hottest thing on the web, I’m proud and very excited that we can offer this.

If the price is an issue, consider this: If your video generated you just three leads, and one of those leads converted to a transaction or business opportunity, then wouldn’t the 29.00 cost be defrayed drastically?  One transaction a year would easily cover many years of subscribing to AR Video.  Remember that the price includes the service, the exclusive tools, the stock library, the secured editing platform, our cost to provide it, and oh yeah…..Me, the friendly techy supporty guy. (It will also include any upgrades and future enhancements.) What a deal!

Just call me if you have any questions, concerns, or just need help making sure that your investment into video yields a valued and positive return.

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