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Pinterest is basically a social catalog.  It’s a community to share collections of things you love.  It’s similar to a “like” on Facebook, or “+1” on Google Plus, it’s even like “Digg” “Delicious” “StumbleUpon” and “ReTweeting” but the difference at Pinterest is that it’s all about “Pin” or pinning content.

According to TechCrunch, Pinterest hit 10 million US monthly uniques faster than any standalone site everAGBeat says that Pinterest now drives as much traffic as Twitter.  Pinterest members are by invitation only, so how do you get invited?

You can ask a friend, or you can also just request one like I did right from the site.  It took about three days, then an email invite arrived at my inbox.  I’ve setup a couple boards myself to see how it all works and to learn how to navigate around the site.  To be honest, I like the ease of use.  I can see the potential the site has and why it’s getting tons of attention.  It’s worth checking out, Pinterest has something for everyone for sure.

Some Quick Pinterest Etiquette:

Be Nice! Be Creative. The best pinboards mix products, art, recipes and images from all across the web. Try not to pin everything from a single source.  Give Credit. If you blog about an item you found on Pinterest, it’s nice to credit your fellow pinners by linking back to the original pin.

A Few Tips once you get started:

Make sure you Install the bookmarklet. It lets you add a pin from any website with just one click.

Be sure to follow others pinboards. You can use your Twitter and Facebook accounts to find other friends on Pinterest to follow as well as invite. Pinterest is as much about discovering new things as it is about sharing.

Pin carefully! Use big images, write thoughtful descriptions, and pin things you really love. Also, no nudity, sorry!  🙂
Oh yeah, and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest too.

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  1. Brad Andersohn

    Updated Terms of Service

    Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on an update to our Terms. When we first launched Pinterest, we used a standard set of Terms. We think that the updated Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy are easier to understand and better reflect the direction our company is headed in the future. We’d encourage you to read these changes in their entirety, but we thought there were a few changes worth noting.

    Our original Terms stated that by posting content to Pinterest you grant Pinterest the right for to sell your content. Selling content was never our intention and we removed this from our updated Terms.

    We updated our Acceptable Use Policy and we will not allow pins that explicitly encourage self-harm or self-abuse.
    We released simpler tools for anyone to report alleged copyright or trademark infringements.
    Finally, we added language that will pave the way for new features such as a Pinterest API and Private Pinboards.

    We think these changes are important and we encourage you to review the new documents here. These terms will go into effect for all users on April 6, 2012.

    Like everything at Pinterest, these updates are a work in progress that we will continue to improve upon. We’re working hard to make Pinterest the best place for you to find inspiration from people who share your interest. We’ve gotten a lot of help from our community as we’ve crafted these Terms.


    Ben & the Pinterest Team

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