Property Postlets Produce Prospects

This example of a Property Postlet from shows how you can use this FREE online tool to embed listed and rental properties on a variety of different blogs and websites around the web.


Postlets is also a syndication site and tool that propagates these individual properties to 13 different “home marketing” sites creating a much greater opportunity to be discovered by that perfect buyer or renter that is looking in multiple locations on the Internet.

In addition to being a great property marketing and syndication tool, QR Codes are now automatically generated to help provide you an additional tool to get even more exposure. By strategically placing these QR Codes in other locations beyond the included syndicated sites, you’ll expose the property to an even greater potential audience.

The best part of all is that Postlets Pro is now a FREE service offered to real estate industry professionals and to the consumers.  This is one of the best FREE property marketing and advertising tools currently on the web.  Wait, are you kidding me… there’s more?

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