Protect and Watermark Your Photos

Just because you can right click on any image or photo on the web and save it doesn’t mean you should.  Just because you can purchase and open a bottle of booze and drink it while driving in your car doesn’t mean you should either.  Maybe that’s not the best analogy, the point is that people do this every day, but it’s the ones that get caught and penalized that would agree with this statement. DON'T DO IT!
Copyright laws are getting tougher and tighter on the web
but there are still thousands of cases where those rights are being infringed upon.  Do yourself a favor by protecting and watermarking your photos and images that are being used on the web.  It won’t stop Internet thieves from stealing them, but it might help deter and discourage them from doing so if it’s clearly marked and obviously not THEIR original content.

Here are 10 free sites that offer you the ability to watermark, stamp, customize, text-brand, and protect your Internet photos and images.  In addition, they also allow you to create, fix, overlay, compose, and generate some really cool and exciting images, graphics and photos.  WARNING: These sites can be extremely fun, incredibly useful, and very addicting to the average compulsive photo enthusiasts.





Each of these sites offers a variety of tools and editing options, (some more and some less than the others), but your search for online FREE photo editing tools is over.  Anything and everything you can imagine possible is here.  You’ll never need to search another site to help you create, protect, fix, or have fun with your photos again.

Looking for a FREE offline photo editing software?  TRY GIMP  The features are comparable to Adobe Photoshop, but the price will shock you!

Want to keep visitors on your site longer and provide Crazy Cool Value?  Provide photo editing right within your Blog post or website.

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  1. Brad, this is great information to share…i’ve been using Picnik for awhile and love it…it helps me with my seo with images for my local area too by using the ‘text’ identifiers…thanks for all your great knowledge!

  2. Great info Brad! It’s amazing, really, how much great free stuff is on the Web, but also a good reminder that someone else’s photos are not, or should not be, free for the taking.

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