Rainmakers Needed!!

This was inspired by a contest our company had these past couple months, which wraps up this next week. I couldn’t help but want to share what “The Rainmaker” contest taught me. American Indian tradition exalts the Rainmaker. The Rainmaker used magical powers to bring the rain to nourish the crops to feed the people. Without the “rain” the people would weaken, have to move away, or sometimes even die.

Today, a Rainmaker is a person who brings the revenue into the family or organization. That revenue “Rain” in your garden comes from customers and donors. The revenue is the aqua viva (the life blood) of the individual or organization. Without it, the person or organization would die. Who or what is your rain? Are you a Rainmaker? Big hitting Rainmakers are for the most part, good sales people. They are able to listen, be alert, change, adapt, accept, and succeed. They are the ones that lead the effort to make it rain. Are there other types of Rainmakers?

Yes! These are other staff members, co-workers, employees and assistants and even your family. Every person must be somehow involved in attraction, identification, getting and keeping customers and relationships. The most important success factor in any business is having a customer. This is even more important than the business idea, the financing, or the people!?! Therefore, the paramount job of every single person in any organization is to directly, or indirectly get and keep customers.

This is always true without exception! What changes will you commit to in an effort to make it rain?

The Rainmakers Believe!

Cherish customers at all times
Treat customers as you would your best friend
Listen to your customer and decipher their needs
Make or Give customers what they need
Price your product or service to it’s dollarized value
Show your customers the dollarized value of what they’ll get
Teach customers as to what they need
Make your product or service the way customers want it
Get your product to your customers when they want it
Give your customers more than they expect, that little extra never fails
Thank each customer sincerely and often
Always ask to do it again

Rainmakers must fight the good fight, keep their spirits and attitudes in tact, and remember that is will ALWAYS rain for those who are willing to believe in themselves and trust their own intuitions. The business we know today, is not the business we knew years back, nor will it be in the days ahead. We need Rainmakers more than ever before!! So make some clouds, sing and dance, shake a rain stick, do whatever it takes, just make it rain! Don’t ever give up or give in! A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins!!

YOU CAN make it rain!

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