Real Estate 2.0 – Does Blogging Really Work – Letter To The Skeptics

 If you are in the Real Estate Industry, and still a “Skeptic” about Blogging, and whether it really works or not, you need get and read a copy of this months (March) edition of REALTOR® Magazine.  In it, there are a couple worth while articles that you don’t want to miss.  The National Magazine for REALTOR® Members, features a story on one of our very own Active Rain Bloggers, Teresa BoardmanSee Details >>>

Active Rain is mentioned many times in the publication along with other members Jeff Turner, Dustin Luther, and Ardell DellaLoggiaMatt Heaton’s quote caught my attention and inspired this post.  “Active Rain was conceived as a way for Real Estate Pros to connect with consumers, but it quickly became a place for Real Estate Pros to talk and refer business to each other.  One associate said he got seven listings in two days off his Blog.”

I started to search the Active Rain archives for “Success Stories” and found that many of them were just too good not to share, especially with those who might be “Skeptical” about Blogging!

Here’s to The Skeptics and Nay Sayers:

 Activerain brings Business Success but you do have to work at it!  As a Blogging “Skeptic” you might be asking yourself the question, “Does this Active Rain thing really do any good….???  I think you’ll be surprised by some of these stories and Blog posts here.  I recall a recent post that stated I received FOUR new clients this week from ActiveRain! This stuff works! 

Here’s the “Blogging Success” process: Relationships to Referrals to Closings to Relationships.  If you are skeptical about Blogging, the question then really is Do you Flourish in ActiveRain or do you just get by?  I recall one member said, “I have had to get help with all my leads thanks to Active Rain.  This might and should make you start researching Why You Need to Blog About Neighborhoods. I’ll tell you why, Localism Works!  Time spent Blogging on Active Rain is time well spent.  Another Week in ActiveRain…And Another Listing

When I started Blogging here, I struck AR gold!  If you’re not convinced yet, Holy Mackerel — more SUCCESS stories from Active Rain and blogging !!!!!!   You really should try it, even experiment with it, My blog experiment is over and the results may surprise you!  It happens all the time here. You better get on the 2.0 wagon.  FOUR referrals from My Active Rain Friends? I guess I must be doing something right!  Often times, your Blogging will get you business in other ways too.  Opportunities like How My ActiveRain Points Earned Me a Call Today from the New York Times! You should also read ActiveRain Success Story: Blogging for Business.

I’m not the only one that “knows” Blogging will generate business and referrals, in fact Active Rain does work & not only for me — Success Stories!!!!  Just a few weeks ago, someone here got A Double Hit with AR!  It’s true, Blogging for Business: ActiveRain Produces Results!  Even if you just Blog about Listings,  Active|Rain listing finds Active|Rain Buyer! WOO HOO!!  I know you’ll always remember My first blogging-only deal, and MY FIRST ACTIVE RAIN CLIENT…see IT DOES WORK!!!.

In closing, I’d like to propose A Toast to Success!   Does Blogging really work?  Yes! It works!  In my personal opinion, “Activerain ROCKS !!”

Disclaimer: This post was compiled and created using the “title’s” of other Active Rain Members posts and their Blogging success stories here on Active Rain. I can not assume any responsibility for all the successes they have achieved from their Blogs. I can however share in the excitement that is generated by them.

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