Real Estate is and Always Will be a ‘People Business’

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sending out emails discussing what RainCamp™ is all about and why we think you should be there. With the tickets being donation based, meaning you can pay whatever you can afford, you’d be crazy for not joining us.

I’m serious, you would be crazy!  Just yesterday, Garrick Werdmuller, a loan officer in Alameda, CA who joined us last month in San Francisco, posted to his AR Blog and said “I would have to say it was the best event I have ever attended as a mortgage professional and I have attended most of the big mortgage and real estate marketing events. If you get a chance, GO!”

What had Garrick so excited?  I’m sure it was that he learned how to get his content on the first page of Google. Or maybe it was the techniques he learned to help him actually get business because of his interactions on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe it was some of the connections he made and relationships he built with the people that surrounded him.

I’m certain those all played a part in forming his opinion of RainCamp.  But for a Real Estate technology lover like myself, who just can’t get enough of staying on the cutting edge of marketing, it was a chance to immerse himself with 450 other Industry professionals with the exact same mindset and goals.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and ActiveRain give us an incredible opportunity
to exchange ideas from the comfort of our living room. Still, there is no way to replace the real life networking opportunities afforded by being in one location with 450 of your peers, all with a common goal, maximizing their online effectiveness while still connecting in real life.

Next week, I will be in New York, along with four of the most influential people in real estate: Jonathan Washburn, our CEO and Founder, Bob Stewart, AR’s Chief Evangelist, Spencer Rascoff, COO of Zillow and Ben Kinney, Mega Agent from Keller Williams in Seattle. We’ll be talking about a variety of strategies to improve your online presence and help you get business using the web and Social Media.

Next week at RainCamp, we will:

  • Show you how we have helped thousands of our members rank at the top of the search engines for searches in their market.
  • Share how Donna Harris, a RE/MAX agent from Austin, Texas used her blog to make $122,000 in commissions over the last two years doing something you can do in your own market right now.
  • Reveal how a plan and some guidance can help you use blogging to impact your business and get the same results as Donna.
  • Provide you with a full day of great info to take home with you and implement immediately!

At the end of the day, Real Estate is a people business, and no amount of technology will replace old fashion networking and sharing, in person.

Come Join us on Tuesday, January 12th in New York City for RainCamp to learn and build cohesive, meaningful relationships with colleagues that will carry you into 2010 and beyond. Click here to register today, we are filling up fast and the last seats will be gone before you know it. I can guaranty that you don’t want to be the one that didn’t take the time to learn this stuff. 

I’m excited and looking forward to seeing you and connecting in NYC.

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