Real Estate Technology – The RE.Net Update

 This week in the Real Estate Technology arena, the Gigabytes have been over-run by the Tera-bytes, and the CPU’s and PC’s are fighting the good fight with the MacBook Pros.  The PC vs MAC commercials just keep getting better and better. But in the Real Estate Technology side of the “techKnowBabble” world, there are some cool things going on around this place.

 iHOUSE Web Solutions, one of the leaders in real estate technology, has finally announced the launch of their popular Realius game, “Price Me Now®.”  iHOUSE will be hosting their totally free Web-based game at A Real Estate Game? Are you kidding me?  More Details


 All this talk and BUZZ about Video really needs to be put into perspective. Video has moved online in a huge way. Some estimates have indicated that in 2007, over half of all the world’s Internet users watched video online.  We all know that number is increasing every day.  So why should you give a hoot?  You Might Want To Find Out Here.


 Next, is an interesting site that claims to offer help with your Blog. Normally I would check this out before posting a what would appear to be endorsement, but the line they used to “real” me in, is what intrigued me the most.  And I quote:

“We are pleased to announce our new bloggers support forums “,” where bloggers can receive help on so many different levels.  We encourage all Bloggers to sign up and say hello, and introduce your self in the community forums. Tell us about your blog, your interest or maybe something you know that’s going on in the blogosphere!” I’ll have to look into this one a bit more…you should too.

Did you know that Trulia Voices is breaking records? According to our friends over at the TruliaBlog of Information, you can find the entire story.  I was shocked at the percentages and stats they released on their Blog.  For Inquiry Minds That Want Need to know!


 Now what’s this I heard this week?  This is kinda cool, Open Houses on Youtube? What happen to Craigslist?  What do you picture in your mind as an Open House Video?  I know I have some ideas running away with me, but you might want to see what the Tracking available from Youtube says about all this. The Future of Real Estate Technology and Marketing is out of control, and it’s a beautiful thing…at least for some of us.

 One of my Favorites this month is what’s coming next month! LOL!~  The National Association of Realtors has this video promoting something called REALTOR® Confidential, which they claim will be coming in April 2008.  The video is not what I would expect from NAR, but it certainly looks like something we may all want to be in tune with.  Real Estate Technology, you know I’m in.  🙂 See The Entire Post at the Center for REALTOR® Technology Weblog.

Lastly, here is some FREE Tools I found for you while searching my Youtube macros today!  They aren’t my tools, they were created by Joe Stumpf for you and your business.  Take a listen to Joe if you’re interested. That concludes my first Real Estate Technology Update and Review as the newest employee and staff member here at ActiveRain.  It’s my first one, so go easy on me….   

The ActiveRain Tech Brain – Just leaving behind a little Thunder!! 🙂

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