Real Estate Town Hall Meeting – In A Southern California Community

Will a Real Estate “Town Hall” meeting really help bring back the real estate market?


Can putting together industry experts with local homeowners, renters, buyers and veterans really make a difference?  If so, you may want to follow the results of this upcoming Community Town Hall meeting. My guess is that since this has never been done before, and if something like this is successful, you’ll want to be following this model in your area to try and improve values, buy smarter, and get educated about the local real estate market.


I’m looking forward to attending the Real Estate Marketing Summit in San Diego at the end of the month.  The Town Hall meeting that has been recently added to this event will be on December 1st for those who care to join us or follow on Facebook.  You can get more details about either event at Real Estate Marketing Summit or at Real Estate Town Hall but more importantly, I would suggest staying on top of the results and the out-come of an event like this.  It could be a great learning experience on how or how not to change the market in your local area.

Bringing the community together is one thing, throwing in some education and local market information is another, but combining local officials, community and real estate experts in a room with everyday hardworking citizens who are feeling and experiencing the “reality of realty” in their hyper-local geographic areas may be one of the most powerful or craziest things ever tried before in the history of real estate.


Who will be the eyes, ears, and mouths at Town Hall? US Congressman Duncan Hunter, Bank of America Vice President Doug Smith, local Association Board or Realtors President Mark Marquez, CEO of the Neuman and Neuman team Prudential Real Estate Gregg Neuman, our very own Chief Revenue Officer from Zillow, Greg Schwartz and many others.


My bet is that this Town Hall meeting could really open up some eyes and opportunities, provide some great education on both sides of the fence, and create an entirely new approach to the way real estate professionals and consumers and communities come together.  Sometimes the only way to get the neighbors out onto the street talking to each other is to send a fire truck or an ambulance down that street.  Do you hear a siren coming?


Whether you’re an agent, lender, homeowner, or renter in or out of the area, you’re invited to attend the Town Hall meeting either in person or virtually.  You are the one that makes a difference in the lives of those you come into contact with everyday so come be part of something exciting that just might empower you and help make an impact and change in your real estate markets.  Don’t just think about it, do something about it and…

Kudos to the panel of experts, the local real estate professionals, and the community for attempting to “Make a Difference” in their local real estate markets and communities,  it’s not going to happen or come from a single town hall meeting, but the potential of what could come out of this is enormous. Creating future real estate changes, having open communication, sharing local opportunity and education just might make this effort worth while,  but only if you’re open to this kind of thing.


Bringing back the Real Estate Market…TOGETHER!

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