Real Estate Video – On The Rise

WellcomeMat announced today, and confirmed that Real estate Video is on the Rise.  Are consumers more inclined to be interested in text, photos, or video?  If you were to consider purchasing a home out of the area, property characteristics would obviously be important to you.  Photos are undoubtedly the number one item that draw your interests, but video is what takes a piece of Real Estate and and brings it life.  Video is the closest thing to reality and being there.

“Is video the new photo in real estate marketing? Not yet, but the use of video by real estate professionals and companies is up 95% in the first half of 2009 relative to the same time period in 2008 indicating a clear path to a tipping point.”   (according to WellcomeMat)

Video Graph

As video hosting sites like and others continue to grow, the demand for video in Real Estate will be inevitable. As consumers begin their search to discover potential Real Estate Investments across the Country, many will not invest their time in reading “Text Only” or “Template” style listing cards.  Investors and Home Buyers want photos (lot’s of them) and now video, period. Whether you decide to have a professionally created and designed video, or you just shoot it yourself, the important thing to consider is making Real Estate Inventory as “Visual” and “Real” as possible for potential buyers.  Download and view Report.

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  1. Real Estate Video is a critical part of Marketing in today’s market. Text and photos are flat, while video is 3-dimensional. Bringing out the visual and “Real” aspects as you mention is more important than most industry professionals realize, but they’re finding out rather quickly. Great Blog!

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