Real Rain Network – Questions & Answers


Feel free to use this post and the comments section to ask questions
, share ideas, or to find out anything you would like to know from other members of our "RealRain" group.  Myself and others will check here regularly to try and help.  Just post your question, idea, suggestion or whatever you want in the comments, then check the box that says "Notify Me of Comments", we will post your answers and our feedback in the comments section here as well.  

Hopefully this platform will work well in saving you time trying to research many questions you may have.  I have posted many instructional posts on my profile page for you and other members, please feel free to review them at your leisure.  You may also contact any of the members within our group for their opinions and support outside of this post or our group.

For a list of Real Rain members, and their contact information, see the Welcome Post here in this group.  

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of our Real Rain Network, I hope you will all find value-added benefits from your participation.  We look forward to seeing your growth, and look forward to not only witnessing, but also being a part of your successes here.  

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