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This is a post I just couldn’t pass up, and you shouldn’t either.  I am always looking for ways to help other members, clients and friends with challenges they may face in trying to reach their business and personal goals!  This post may not do that, but I do feel that if you’re in Real Estate and you’re a REALTOR®, then this will be useful information for you!

I have noticed on many posts, including the title’s, where members and writers are not using the preferred method of the word REALTOR®,as expressed by your association.  I hope to keep my Blog interesting by bringing you a gamut or information, tools, useful ideas, and tips on how to make your life easier, and your business better.

   Here’s the first one in a series of future posts:  In order to properly designate an agent as a REALTOR® member, you must know how to add the registered trade mark™ symbol to the word REALTOR.  (BTW – REALTOR is always capitalized)  To add the symbol, hold down the “Alt” key on the keyboard while typing 0174 on the number keypad.

*** IMPORTANT TIP:  Don’t use the numbers above the “qwertyuiop” row of letters.

If you’re using a laptop,
hold down the “Alt” and the “fn” (function) key, then press 0174 from the keys displaying numbers the same color as the “fn” key.  The result will be: ®  There is a complete set of alternative characters like this one built into your computer.  To find all the characters in your computer, Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Character Map, this will launch a program that will show you each of the symbols and their shortcut keys.

For an example, find the character “½” and look to the lower right corner: you’ll see that it is made by using Alt 0189.   Of course, not all extended characters work in all situations. Experiment to see which make sense for the job at hand. This post is for the few…the proud… the REALTORS®!!

Some others you may find useful:  [ Alt 0169  © ],   [ Alt 0153  ™ ],   [ ALT 0162 ¢ ]  and   [ Alt 0216 Ø ]

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